First Challenges

For the grand opening, I decided to start the Challenges by creating a Screenr. I have used the site a lot as a visitor, but I had never myself created a screencast with Screenr. My favourite screencasters are, among others:

I have some experience with screencasting, though. I use Screenflow on my Mac and Camtasia Studio on my PC and I like both.

I took this opportunity to re-read a post by Tom Kuhlmann: “How to Create Screencasts You Can Be Proud Of” where he gives great tips, as always. There’s a funny screencast at the end of the post, with all the “don’ts”, followed by the makeover.

I was a little surprised at first when I realized I couldn’t zoom in or out and at one point, the part of the screen I wanted to show was out of my frame. But there are workarounds: I eventually understood that I could move the frame and I used profusely the pause button (as Tom suggests in his post). I wanted my screencast to be very short, but it still lasts a good 4 minutes. The beauty of Screenr is that you don’t need to have software installed on your machine. It’s all on the web. You can also embed your screencasts very easily on a site*, and the upload to youtube is just a click away!

I intend to create a little series about mahara for an upcoming project. I’m not sure my fellow MOOCers will be very much interested since they’re in French (BTW, am I the only French speaker on this MOOC, I wonder?).

Next thing I’ll do is following in Pauline footsteps and try my hand at podomatic.

Ironically enough, I haven’t been able to embed it on this post!  :-((


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3-dimensional learner (lifelong, lifewide, lifedeep), passionate about all things facilitating learning.
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